25yrd looking for nsa

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Log in. Jump to Latest Follow. ed Oct 23, Hi all, I am in need of some help. I am trying to zero my rifle at yards, but only have access to a 25 yard range. Now I used a couple of ballistic calculators to find my bullet's trajectory and discovered that at 25 yards, my bullet is 0. So in my mind, when I go to the 25 yard range I put my cross hairs on the bulls eye and when I fire the bullet shout penetrate the target 0. Can anyone tell me if I am understanding this right?

She is hitting 2 inches low at 25 yards and the instructor said she will be dead on at yards. Here is the data I used for the trajectory calculators. ed Jan 27, If we don't have specifics, then it's just a guess. Your guess it's no better or worse than anyone else's.

ed Jan 2, Could even end up being off the bottom of the target. I can't think of how that would work unless the scope rings were exceptionally high like " above the bore. If I have to zero a rifle at 25 yards, I expect that I will be " high at - or close. Really, the object of shooting at 25 yards it to make sure you will be on the paper at Not sure what your needs are as far as using the rifle in the field, but 2"-3" high at is a usable hunting zero for big game.

But you really need to check it at longer ranges, if at all possible. Thanks MikeG, We are going to be hunting deer white tail or mule, most likely mule deer at a family member's farm, so flat land, and usually the deer are between yards up to 30 yards away from us when we go walking. ed Sep 8, First and foremost, welcome to Shooters Forum, Krutt. Most scopes are about 1. Most modern cartridges have remarkably similar trajectories over the first yards. For your basic '06, , , , etc Don't get too carried away with trying to dial it in at 25, since you WILL need to find a yard range to fine tune you sights.

Don't listen to anything else that "instructor" at the gun range tells you; how can you be 2" low at 25 yards when the bore is only 1. I don't know why Darkker is being so grumpy If you have any other questions, let us know, and good luck to you and your wife this season!

Thank's all, I think I got the answer I was looking for. ed Feb 12, Welcome, and yes - whatever you do, check the zero yds before attempting to use the rifle on a game animal please , even if you have to do it at the farm when you arrive for the hunt. ed Jan 25, Two inches low at 25 yards means the scope is pointed above the line of the bore which means its' shooting 'downhill' and very likely at a deer's feet.

I wonder what else the ignorant instructor got wrong? He should be on youtube!! ed Dec 9, Figuring flat, fairly open terrain, that's the zero I'd prefer over one at yards. Best of luck on your hunts and welcome to the forum. ed Jan 4, Too much thinking will surely get you in trouble. Good luck. ed Sep 7, ed Apr 3, My opinion of trying to zero for yds at 25 yds is you aren't gonna be able to do it. You should get on the paper at yds but that's about it. Where do you live that you can't get access to a hundred yards somewhere?

Even if you have to drive awhile to get a hundred yards, do it. I have a hard time with having a place where 25 yds is all you can get! You could get more than that with a target at the back of your proprty and shooting from the front. Where do you live? ed Jul 16, Everyone is sorta thinking the same way. Just expressing the same thing in different ways. Thing in common is that you would need to put "trust" into a ballistic chart or computer simulation to do it. That is the part I have the most trouble with.

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25yrd looking for nsa

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Zeroing question (zeroing for yrds at a 25yrd range)