A little generosity goes a long way

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When all you see around you is chaos, from the news that you consume to the current situation you are in, you tend to lose your sense of self and your surroundings. As you continue with your struggles, you also feel lesser of a person than you were a few months ago. As you try to pick yourself up every waking morning or even as you lie awake in the middle of the night, you need to remind yourself that there is still something you can do. That you can still appreciate the little things.

That there is still something good to look forward to even in these tough times. All it takes is a simple act of kindness. In TeamAsia, our Managing Director Bea Lim and our own Content Director Cid Santillan never fail to remind us to be appreciative of our blessings and be grateful for the things we have. There are a lot of people struggling out there and while we can only do so much with social distancing, we also have a chance at making a difference by being considerate, compassionate, and kind. Be kind to the community.

It is understandable that you yourself are trying hard to simply get by with what you have, but you need to keep in mind that what you may have, others may not. Be kind to your family and friends. Being kind does not always mean you have to give something.

This very moment is probably one of the toughest challenges that we need to get through. But we can survive it if we all have the right support system. Be kind to yourself. Other times, we simply invalidate our own worries. In this day and age of self-love, we need to keep echoing that it is OK to not be OK.

We need to be extra kind to ourselves and acknowledge the anguish that we are feeling. But as we acknowledge our own pain, we also need to find a way to manage and not disregard it. Want to eat chocolate or ice cream? Want to watch a movie or read a new book? Want to declutter your house or rearrange furniture? Do what would make you happy. That alone, you owe to yourself — kindness. What is too much and costly, though, is not doing anything to improve our situation, even in a small way.

From our people to our partners, clients, and all the members of the community, we all deserve a little kindness. Feeling unkind to yourself lately? By Jay Quilanita and Patrick de Jesus In graphic de, having inspiration makes it easier to build your idea. We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on TeamAsia. on our Privacy Policy here. A little kindness goes a long way TeamAsia Blog - May 18, Schedule a meeting with us.

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A little generosity goes a long way

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A little bit of kindness can go a long way…