Adrian i still love you

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Rocky : I can't do it. Adrian : What? Rocky : I can't beat him. Adrian : Apollo? Rocky : Yeah. I been out there walkin' around, thinkin'. I mean, who am I kiddin'? I ain't even in the guy's league. Adrian : What are we gonna do? Rocky : I don't know. Adrian : You worked so hard. Rocky : Yeah, that don't matter. Adrian : Don't say that. Rocky : Ah come on, Adrian, it's true. I was nobody. But that don't matter either, you know? It really don't matter if this guy opens my head, either. Nobody's ever gone the distance with Creed, and if I can go that distance, you see, and that bell rings and I'm still standin', I'm gonna know for the first time in my life, see, that I weren't just another bum from the neighborhood.

Adrian : Why do you wanna fight? Rocky : Because I can't sing or dance. Adrian : It's Thanksgiving. Rocky : Yeah, to you it's Thanksgiving; to me it's Thursday. Adrian : Einstein flunked out of school, twice. Paulie : Is that so? Adrian : Yeah. Beethoven was deaf. Helen Keller was blind. I think Rocky's got a good chance. Rocky : Adrian! Adrian : Rocky! Rocky : Hey, where's your hat? Adrian : I love you! Rocky : I love you. Adrian : [grabs and hugs Rocky] I love you! Rocky : [out of breath] I love you.

I love you. Paulie : I don't want nothin' from you. I don't want nothin' from you. This ain't no charity case. Get outta my house. Adrian : It's not just your house. Paulie : [to Rocky] You ain't no friend no more. Get outta my house, I just says. Adrian : Don't talk to him like that. Paulie : Both of you get out of my house. Rocky : Yo It's cold outside, Paulie. Paulie : I don't want you messin' her, and I don't raise you to go with this scum bum!

Come on! You wanna hit on me? I'll break both your arms so they don't work for ya! Paulie : [Screaming] That's right! I'm not good enough to meet with Gazzo Paulie : - that's what I think of Gazzo! Now you're a big-shot fighter on your way up, you don't even throw a crumb to your friend Paulie! When I go out and get your meat every morning! You forgot that! Then I even give you my sister, too! Adrian : Only a pig would say that! Paulie : I'm a pig? A pig gives you the best?

Paulie : [Smashes a coffee set] You're such a loser! I don't get married because of you! You can't live by yourself! I put you two together! And you - don't you forget it! You owe me! Paulie : [cries] You're supposed to be good to me.

I treat you good! I cook for you! I cleaned for you! I pick up your dirty clothes! I take care of ya, Paulie! I don't owe you nothin'! And you made me feel like a loser! Adrian : [just before the big fight] I'll be here waiting for you.

Rocky : How 'bout I stay here and you fight? Rocky : Hey Adrian : Yeah? Rocky : It did. Adrian : Is this you? Rocky : Yeah, that's me when I was eight years old, that's the Italian Stallion when he was a baby. Fight Announcer : [interviews Rocky] It was chaos. Rocky, you went the distance. You went the 15 rounds.

How do you feel? Rocky : All right! Fight Announcer : What were you thinking about when that buzzer sounded? Rocky : [yelling] Adrian! Fight Announcer : What were you thinking when the 15th Rocky : What? Adrian : Rocky? Jergens : [taking the mic] Ladies and Gentlemen, your attention, please. Jergens : Tonight, we have had the privilege of witnessing the greatest exhibition of guts and stamina in the history of the ring!

Adrian : Rocky. Jergens : [re the ] Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a split decision. Jergens Adrian : You want a roommate? Rocky : Absolutely. Adrian : Paulie, it's Thanksgiving. I got a turkey in the oven. Paulie : Oh Paulie : You want the bird? Paulie : Go in the alley and eat the bird! Adrian : [disgusted] Oh Paulie!

Paulie : You're busted! Paulie : You're not a virgin! Paulie : You let him get into your pants! She's busted! Paulie : [cries] I can't haul meat no more. Rocky : [Rocky is trying to make out with Adrian on their first date] Will you do me a favor?

Take off these glasses. Rocky : Now take off this hat. Adrian is beautiful and Rocky is appreciative]. Rocky : I always knew you was pretty Adrian : [Adrian looks at him, disbelieving] Stop teasing me. Rocky : Adrian. Adrian : And he called the reporters? It threw my whole training schedule off. Adrian : Don't be mad at him. He's just trying to help.

Rocky : Adrian, I ain't mad. It's just that, uh, when a reporter's around, I get out of t 'cause they take cheap shots, and Paulie knows that. Paulie keeps askin' me for a job all the time, but he don't know nothin' about fighting.

Adrian i still love you

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