Bored out of my mind tonight

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Next to panic, anxiety, and loneliness, boredom might sound fairly innocuous right now. What I was actually experiencing was the joy being sucked out of everything I usually loved. Depression be doing that sometimes. Monotony and a lack of stimulation can make you feel lethargic, useless, and miserable. To keep boredom at bay, two things have helped me: productivity and variety. Since boredom often le to lethargy and makes you feel unmotivated, most of these suggestions require very little energy. But feel free to get more ambitious and adventurous with your routine.

To prevent every day from feeling the same, you should try to prevent every morning from feeling the same. If not, have breakfast in bed one day, move to the couch another day, and sit at your table or desk the following day. Struggling to get motivated? This is my go-to low-energy method for clearing my mind, since the change in scent or texture helps me combat brain fog. I recommend refreshing scents like citrus, eucalyptus, or peppermint, all of which make me feel energized and focused. Upbeat music can shake you out of a bad mood, and a great playlist can turn the monotony of cleaning up into something a little more exciting.

For bonus points, try music that evokes special, positive memories for you. A repetitive craft like knitting or coloring can help you zone out and decompress, while painting or sketching can be a great way to express yourself. Takeout and food deliveries are currently banned in my country — and, as a foodie, I miss restaurants a lot.

On the bright side, this has given me the opportunity to try some new recipes. Food, I find, adds variety to my life and can give me something to look forward to at the end of the day. Journaling is a great way to do that. Just write down three good things that happened each day. Do you have a list of things you need to fix around the house? A regular video call is great, but they can get a bit monotonous a few weeks into isolation. But keep it super creative.

Host a Powerpoint Party. Play charades via Zoom. Organize a virtual book club. Have a Skype-based supper club where you create interesting dishes and show them off to your friends while catching up. Casual chatting can be fun, but something a little more structured and unique might be what you need to stop the boredom from setting in.

Her writing covers issues relating to social justice and health. Find her on Twitter. Are the days bleeding into each other? Being horny during stages of grief is completely normal. Every night at 10 p. Asking for help could save your life.

But can you inherit it from Mom and Pop? Seeing a friend suffer is awful, but smothering them with affection might not be the right call. Learn how to help someone with depression. Low self-esteem is formed by both environmental and biological factors. We can work to form new, more positive self-perceptions. Does it feel like your sex life is missing something? Whatever the case, there are plenty of steps you can take to feel less frustrated.

It takes a different amount of time for everyone. But one thing is for sure: it does get easier. Learn how…. Share on Pinterest De by Alexis Lira. Every-other-day or weekend routine. Read this next. Bored by Meditation? How to Help Someone with Depression: Everything You Need to Know Seeing a friend suffer is awful, but smothering them with affection might not be the right call.

Burdened by Low Self-Esteem? Here's How to Lighten the Load Low self-esteem is formed by both environmental and biological factors.

Bored out of my mind tonight

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