Employed gay or friendly room mate wanted

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Good roommates can change your life for the better, while bad roommates tear your life to pieces. Looking for a roommate you can count on to pay their share of the rent in order to afford living in New York City? Fresh out of law school and new to NYC, I was determined to find a reasonable apartment without compromising safety and living standards in other words, no bathtub in the middle of the kitchen. So when I landed a lease for a one bedroom flex on the Upper West Side with Central Park views—from the bathroom, and only when standing on tiptoe—I set out to do what countless other recent gr and thrifty thirty-somethings have done: Search for a stranger to share my habitat, an unfamiliar proposition in a pre-Airbnb era.

Which just goes to show that modern-day algorithms can indeed trump old-fashioned analog methods aka word of mouth , though each method has its pros and cons. Regardless of which route you take—be it combing through on Craigslist my own go-to or leveraging a roommate-finder service to do the screening for you one out of three fails on my own scorecard —the takeaways are the same: Always do your due diligence.

Ask your friends and colleagues for their favorite roommate-finding sites and check for reviews on Yelp and other sites. Pose these 21 questions to prospective roommate candidates, be on the lookout for tell tale s of potentially problematic roommates , and keep your radar tuned to common roommate scams.

And remember: For every scam story you hear there are hundreds of roomie-turned-bestie or even romantic partner tales. We are presenting it again with updated information for June Two more lessons to live by when perusing any site or profile: Go with your gut and have an open mind. Find Your Next Home. Need help finding a rental that allows temporary walls—or a landlord who will accept multiple guarantors?

The rental experts at Triplemint , a Brick Underground partner, know exactly where to look. If you up here , you can also take advantage of Triplemint's corporate relocation rate—where you'll pay a broker's fee of 10 percent of a year's rent instead of the usual 12 to 15 percent on open listings. Bonus: The agents at Triplemint are a delight to deal with. Registering your profile involves completing a lengthy Q and A that probes into your usual sleep pattern, cleaning habits, and other lifestyle matters. If you would prefer to pair up with someone in searching for a new home, Diggz can do that too.

SpareRoom lets you search by zip code or area right from the home or to go to its advanced search function with the usual no smoking, pets considered and not-so-usual vegetarians preferred, utilities included filters. You can even screen out any for-fee apartments and agent listings. The staff also vets all postings to make sure they are legit. If those fees seem steep, it might be worth it if you need to find a new home quickly, something the site claims to do in as little as two weeks on average.

Furthermore, if you discover within the first two months that a roommate found through the site is not working out, Rainbow Roommates will give you a one-month free membership so you can find a more suitable situation. If you count yourself among the many creative professionals in NYC and want an ultra-personal service and no bait-and-switch postings, Listings Project is a bit of a local legend.

Initially launched as the personal project of Stephanie Diamond to help artists like herself find living spaces and work studios in NYC, the site has grown into a full-fledged operation that offer rooms and entire apartments to rent or sublet, with to no-fee listings on their site each week. The also include listings from Airbnb as well as brokers, which may be a turn-off, though you can filter out Airbnb and for-fee listings. Currently, there are just over rooms available on the site, but watch out for furnished rooms, Airbnbs, and places deated for college students there are filters for this too.

RoomieMatch is also a good choice if you tend to shy away from having all your personal information published on the web for anyone to see, since matches are ed directly to users. And should you need to find another roommate within the month period, the subscription will be gratis. Brooklyn-based RoomZoom started the same way most good ideas start: Founder Elien Blue Becque was sick of sifting through the dumping ground of Craigslist every time she needed to fill a room in her affordable Williamsburg apartment, which yielded hundreds of s from people.

The company then creates matches based on budget, lifestyle, and living habits, and sends them back in the form of a ranked list. Global and expansive, Roomi is the big friendly kid on the block. Like other sites, you can either look for a room to rent or for someone to move into your own apartment. Roomi is free to use but has optional paid features including identification verification, background checks, and profile boosts.

As with any of the sites listed here, you need to go with your gut and remain vigilant. For more tips, read "How to find a room and roommate on Craigslist—and avoid the freaks. As with Craigslist, Reddit requires a healthy degree of skepticism and stellar judgment skills to navigate successfully. You can also find a lot of New Yorkers looking for roommates and asking other real-estate related questions on reddit. Another pro or con, depending on your perspective of this freewheeling forum is that you may find yourself poring over lengthy thre about only-in-NYC queries and complaints such as the exorbitant cost of application fees to find actual listings, though if you are new to the rental market you might pick up a few helpful hints along with a new apartment-mate.

Note that many of the listings are cross-posted from Craigslist, though when it comes to responses, even a tangential connection with someone forged through a private Facebook group is preferable to no connection at all, putting you at the top of the heap. Fulltext search. Order Asc.

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Bathrooms at least 1 bathroom at least 1. Presented by. Pro Tip Pro Tip: Need help finding a rental that allows temporary walls—or a landlord who will accept multiple guarantors? The Search The 21 best questions to ask potential roommates to get the perfect match. The Search 14 insider tips for renting an apartment in NYC. Brick Underground articles occasionally include the expertise of, or information about, advertising partners when relevant to the story.

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Employed gay or friendly room mate wanted

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