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Flourtown, PA : info todayisagoodday. Tax Return available upon request. Dear Supporters,. Considering our work with fragile populations and following consultation with our Board of Directors, hospital partners, and organizational partners, we are moving forward with the following temporary adjustments to Today is a Good Day programming and events: TIAGD will suspend Listening Session programs at partner hospitals until future notice. The 5th Annual Pints for Preemies fundraising event will be postponed until early summer. We look forward to hosting Pints and sincerely appreciate the understanding of all those who have already purchased tickets.

We will announce the new date soon. Fostering relationships among parents and families is integral to our mission. In addition, we rely on our fundraisers to raise crucial funds to support the mission of Today is a Good Day. Our decisions to temporarily suspend programming and postpone our largest fundraiser of the year were made after careful consideration. The health and well-being of the families we support and their NICU Miracles, along with all of our dedicated supporters are first and foremost.

We sincerely appreciate your ongoing support to advance the mission of Today is a Good Day. If you have any questions, please contact info todayisagoodday. Today Is A Good Day. Today is a Good Day is thrilled to announce a partnership with Magnetic Me. Magnetic Me donated their preemie specific magnetic footies to our hospital partners and moving forward will be our exclusive partner for our Milestone shirts that families will receive when their baby reaches the milestone of wearing clothes for the first time.

It can be difficult to find preemie clothing that fits correctly while also allowing for easy access for medical teams, we are so grateful for Magnetic Me, which helps to solve this difficult issue. We caught up with Magnetic Me Co-founder Lauren Levy to learn more about her background, her journey to founding Magnetic Me, and her favorite products and prints. As we all know, was a year unlike any other. But, through your generosity, Today is a Good Day was able to continue carrying out its mission and supported NICU families when they needed it the most.

Ten years ago, I was on bedrest watching Grown Ups on the television in my hospital room, enjoying a Dairy Queen Blizzard, and praying our identical twin girls would not arrive too soon. I was 23 weeks and 4 days. Less than 24 hours later at pm and pm, Claire Josephine and Mary Gladys, arrived weighing only 1lb.

I was put under general anesthesia in a flurry of medical staff members working to deliver and save both of our daughters. Paul and I did not know what was in store for our family. We knew no one in our network who had welcomed a premature baby or experienced the NICU. We were overwhelmed by it all. We talked. We called our pastor. We weighed options, decisions, and choices. We made each decision based upon the information we had. On day 3, we received devastating news about Claire.

She had dropped to 15oz. The doctors told us she had a high probability of not walking or talking. We did not know what her future would look like. A few days later, a mom brought her son into the hospital for a pizza lunch. Our nurse recommended we attend. That moment — meeting Sam — changed our lives forever. Sitting across the table from us was a former weeker then 3 with a slightly less devastating but similar prognosis to Claire.

He was a walking, talking 3-year-old. He gave us what we needed: hope. One week after meeting Sam, Mary became very ill and passed the Sunday after Thanksgiving. After Mary passed, we powered through to go back to Claire. Sam came to mind for us every day. Sam was successful. Claire could be successful. After Mary passed, we could not bring ourselves to put down the rug in their room for Claire.

While we kept hope alive, we also knew Claire had a long way to go. The rug stayed rolled up in her room for nearly three months. I share all of this because the NICU is hard. Our day NICU journey was an emotional rollercoaster filled with many ups and downs, bad and good days, difficult and joyful moments, but we kept hope with us at every turn.

The road from 23 weeks and 5 days to celebrating her 10th birthday on November 14th has been filled with many unknowns, extra doctor appointments, Early Intervention, therapists, specialists, evaluations, tutors, meetings with her school, support from family and friends, lots of love, and, most importantly, hope. The hope we received from meeting Sam has lived on with us over the past 10 years. Hope kept us moving forward with daily physical therapy and occupational therapy, so she would eventually roll over, crawl, walk, feed herself, and drink out of a straw.

Hope pushed us to continue her physical therapy to this day as we help her stay strong. Hope is the reason I tear up when I look at our beautiful year-old daughter standing in front of me and remember the 15oz. Hope is the reason we founded Today is a Good Day to help other families walking the similar path of the unknown. Today — Claire continues to inspire. She is learning the drums, bells, and guitar. She loves to sing, especially country music. She has built a beautiful group of friends.

She is loved by all her teachers in school and her dedicated tutor. She swims and continues her physical therapy without too many complaints. She loves to ride her bike and learned to roller skate this year. Happy 10th Birthday my sweet miracle! Today is a Good Day contributes to a strong start for preemies by supporting those who are closest to them — their parents and families. To date, Today is a Good Day has provided helpful, heartfelt, and uplifting care packages to more than 3, families at nine Philadelphia-area hospitals.

In addition to delivering care packages, Today is a Good Day volunteers host inspirational and supportive Listening Sessions at some of the hospitals, provide families with financial support for added expenses such as utility bills, car seats, transportation expenses, pack-n-plays, and lodging and manage a website to provide the online community with resources.

This article was originally published on NEJM. Virtual connectivity has been implemented widely, with particular emphasis in the outpatient setting. Virtual practices have transformed care delivery models within inpatient units as well. During the pandemic, this model has been challenged by the importance of social distancing and rapidly evolving personal protective equipment guidelines.

In our intensive care unit, we implemented three practices — virtual rounds, virtual handoffs, and video monitoring — that have kept our patients and providers safe, while still emphasizing family-centered care. These practices are relatively low-cost and can be implemented in inpatient units across other medical specialties. We believe that with these simple technologies, our health care system can be better and stronger in the face of these challenging times.

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Future Flourtown and alot of chats

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