Generous play day

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No one wants to be a Scrooge for Christmas, unless you are a real Scrooge. Most people want to give great gifts, but no one has unending resources. Time and money: everyone has a limit. So, how do we give awesome gifts that are both generous and budget friendly? First, check out our Top Ten List of qualities of toys that invite and inspire play. Then, observe the child at play. What kinds of play are they drawn to? Think big picture like imagining, building, big body moving, and creating.

Children enjoy talking about their interests. Ask open-ended questions about their play. This builds the relationship and helps you understand their perspective and values. Respect their play. What open-ended materials will add to the complexity of their play? This is an adult value. Children value play over Pinterest. For children, this is not trash or junk. Clean and unbroken recycled materials are treasures. Adjust your mindset to inviting and inspiring play rather than impressing other adults.

Consider some of the items that have been included here. Resetting for play opens the opportunity for new play adventures. If the child cannot read, add fun pictures to the side to help them know what goes inside. These kits are great springboards to play. Go to our and see examples of the play kits we offer. Use these to make your own kits or to inspire a new kind of kit that suits your child and their needs.

The real question is this: How much play can your child squeeze out of the combined power of the time, space, and materials you provide. Your gift-giving can be easier, less expensive, and, most importantly, power-packed with life-giving play. Are you giving your child the gift of play? Not only is play a great gift, it helps your child grow and develop into their best selves. us on Thursdays to show us your play. Start at the beginning.

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Add to the gift with storage. Play kits make great gifts. Yes, it's possible to give amazing, inexpensive gifts. Frugal and generous are possible for great gift-giving. The Real Magic of a Gift. Be sure to come back! How has this changed your gift-giving plans? Play Video. Check out these other posts.

Generous play day

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