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Let me guess. You just received a party invitation that says that men should wear their cocktail attire for the occasion. In this instalment of our series on the modern man dress codes, we look at the ever glamorous cocktail style. You will usually be requested to wear a cocktail attire when attending a wedding or an evening party. It can range from a very formal affair to something much more laid-back and informal.

What the dress code means and what you should wear will vary depending on the location and the occasion. We illustrated this guide with plenty of photos and pictures to make it as easy and unambiguous as possible. Welcome to our cocktail attire look guide for the modern man. This article is part of a style series covering the 5 essential dress codes for men :.

As a result, you have a little bit of freedom as to how you want to execute the style. But you also have more room for errors. The location and time of the occasion will dictate how exactly you should dress. You want to show that you made an effort for the occasion and that you respect your hosts.

A business networking event will call for formal cocktail attire. As a rule of thumb, you should always consider the occasion, the location and the time of the day to select your cocktail attire. A party invitation with a cocktail attire dress code for men usually means that you should wear a suit with a shirt, dress shoes and a tie or bow tie.

In some instances, just a blazer and a pair of dark-coloured jeans will be acceptable if the dress code is more casual. Your usual business suits will do as long as they are well-fitted and in good condition. You can invest in a dedicated cocktail suit if you expect to attend a lot cocktail party, however.

In that case, you should look for a suit that has more structure and that is made with heavier fabric to emphasise the evening party element and separate it from a day business suit. Initially, the cocktail attire emerged in the s in the upscale community.

Today, the cocktail look and purpose has changed of course. Luckily, cocktail attire is convenient for men as you can usually pull it off by using garments and accessories that you already have for other dress codes. The secret to a successful cocktail party wardrobe for men is in the details. The fit of your shirt. The finishing and details of your shoes.

Your cocktail attire starts with a jacket, a shirt, a tie and a pair of dress shoes. Once you have the foundations taken care of, you can start to work with accessories to complete your look: a belt, a dressy watch, a pocket square and cufflinks. Our style experts have handpicked specific recommendations to help you achieve the look. You can wear one of your usual office suits for a cocktail party.

A classic white shirt is next on your list. Make sure that your shirt looks good when fully buttoned-up. You want the collar to have some substance and structure to perfectly frame your tie if you wear one. A tie is your chance to express emotions and personality through your cocktail attire. A party is a perfect occasion to go for more daring tie styles.

Tighten it up until it does. The last critical element of your cocktail attire is a pair of dress shoes. The most commonly worn business shoes are called Oxfords or sometimes also Balmoral in the United States. Named after Oxford University, Oxford shoes are the quintessential dress shoe. Opt for black or dark brown dress shoes to complete your look. Once the foundations of your business attire are in place, you can start adding accessories to express personality and style further. Here are a few suggestions of accessories that you can keep for years to elevate your business casual look.

These style rules will help you execute your cocktail look with class and elegance every time. Your dress code will look very different depending on the occasion. If unsure, ask the host or people who have been there before for advice. Weddings are the most common occasions for men to wear a cocktail attire. You want to show respect for the bride and groom by dressing up. That said if the wedding invitation calls for something specific, respect their wishes and adjust your outfit.

This might be the case for a beach destination wedding , for example, where the couple might request light-coloured linen suits. Take a tie with you but be ready to take it off and unbutton the collar of your shirt if suitable for the event. You can use accessories to differentiate your cocktail attire from your usual Business professional look.

Go with a light-coloured pocket square to contrast with your suit and wear classy cufflinks on your shirt cuffs. Casual business parties are an entirely different affair. Your business suit will be too formal so opt instead for a blazer or sports jacket with a pair of dark-coloured jeans. Depending on your industry, you might also be able to swap your dress shoes for a pair of leather sneakers to further relax your style. As you know by now, the cocktail dress code for men will mean different things for different occasions.

That said, five essential rules should never be bent unless explicitly told otherwise by the party host:. Here are their tips to help you look great when dressing for a special occasion:. When shopping for new clothes, you should always decide first what you want and then look for the best items to complete your look. That said, there are a few selected brands that our style editors tend to favour over others. Those are the brands that offer superior quality for the right price and never seem to disappoint us.

Check also our list of the 15 most popular luxury brands of the year for more inspiration. The fashion deer dresses some of the most stylish men on the planet, from James Bond to Harvey Specter. High-quality materials and superb tailoring. The essence of Italian luxury tailoring for men. Hugo Boss is synonym with refined fashion wear and modern luxury. With razor-sharp cuts and premium fabrics, they are a must to add a level of sophistication to your look.

If you want to add a touch of sparkle to your outfit, trust Lanvin. The oldest fashion house in France delivers impeccable quality and strong, detail-focused aesthetic for a modern luxury look. At its simplest, cocktail attire means that you should wear a suit in dark colours, ideally navy or charcoal, with a white shirt, a pair of black leather dress shoes, and a tie. You can divert from this template only if the invitation explicitly calls for it.

No, most of the time. However, if the party is explicitly casual or if you know that the host is ok with jeans, then opt for navy or black jeans with a blazer. In general, a wedding cocktail attire dress code means a navy or charcoal suit, with a white shirt, a pair of black leather dress shoes, and a tie or bow tie. A cocktail party attire is generally the same as described above. Yes, or a bow tie if you feel more audacious. You might remove your tie as the night goes on, but you should arrive at the party wearing your tie.

Most definitely yes. This is the only unambiguous rule for the cocktail attire: you need a jacket. We recommend that you read them if you want to learn more about dress codes in general. But what exactly is a cocktail attire for men in you might ask? Excellent question mister. Hurry up! That party invitation is waiting for you. A tuxedo, James Bond-style, is probably not required for your cocktail party.

What is the Cocktail Attire style? How should men dress for a cocktail party? The modern cocktail attire look Welcome to our cocktail attire look guide for the modern man. This article is part of a style series covering the 5 essential dress codes for men : Casual style Smart casual style Business casual style Business professional style Cocktail attire style What is the Cocktail Attire style? The perfect wedding cocktail attire for men: festive and joyful without attracting attention.

That said, our style experts have 3 simple rules to help you along the way: Are jeans ok to wear for a cocktail attire? You can wear jeans on certain occasions, but in general, you should avoid them. Are sneakers ok to wear for a cocktail attire?

Same as above and probably in the same circumstances. Do I need to wear a suit? Jake Gyllenhaal wearing a Tom Ford cocktail attire. Dress code definition: What does cocktail attire mean? Dressing up for a cocktail party or a wedding is an experience in itself. Photo by M. Start with the foundation of your cocktail attire: a jacket, a shirt, a tie and a pair of dress shoes.

What is cocktail attire for men? Are jeans OK for cocktail attire? What is cocktail attire for a wedding? What is a cocktail party attire? Does cocktail attire require a tie? Do you need a jacket for a cocktail attire? Cars Build your dream bike. Style Perfectly suited to all occasions. Technology Sounds good. Home Bubbles on demand. Dining Your quest for barista-style caffeine ends here. Technology Exceptional sound performances.

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Masculine black top looking

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