Wanted hairy guys

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Just as I was conspiring to smite out the little sprouts that had popped up on my shoulders, I noticed the first clump of hair from my head falling out. I was losing it on the top and gaining it on my back, arms and belly in equal measure. Hairy dudes, for the most part, have had it really good. Just look at any photo of James Caan or Burt Reynolds from the s: hairy guys were sex symbols. Do you know what changed it? Two words: Robin Williams. The late, great actor and comedian is the patron saint of hairy dudes. I was watching a video of him do standup in the earlys, and I remember thinking how he was all hair and sweat and kinetic energy, yet somehow he made it work.

I finally found it during a rewatch of The Birdcage. The Birdcage is actually the outlier here: his character, Armand Goldman, is a study in South Beach casual cool, while Williams himself was almost always dressed like he was ready to go trekking through the forest or walk down some street in L.

It looks like he just got back from Tokyo after hitting up Beams or some other world-class menswear shop:. He also pulled off the Hawaiian shirt and white blazer in a way few could. Throughout the pandemic, pretty much everyone I know went for it in some way: women let their pit hair flow, the bush is making a comeback , bald guys decided to skip the Bic and embrace the power donut.

Knuckle hair, leg hair, arm hair — just let it grow, baby! Guys with hairy chest should embrace it. Camp collars, perhaps the ultimate garment in the hairy-man fashion canon, are everywhere. Not a camp collar guy? What about a Western shirt? Mueser , then leave it unbuttoned and pair with a chain or two around your neck. To hell with that! Let the burger meat breathe and pair it with anything you want down below: white jeans, Patagonia baggies, s, a pair of boxy chinos, whatever.

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Wanted hairy guys

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