We meet and i treat

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The exhibition will open on Fizz Digital on Friday, April 3rd. A loop is defined as a shape produced by a curve that bends around and crosses itself. A loop can be a structure, series, or process, the end of which is connected to the beginning — as long as the end result encloses onto itself. Loops can be singular or repeat infinitely — as long as the loop is connected in such a way that the last component is connected to the first component — it is a loop. The initial intent of this project was to have one exhibition featured in three venues - Foley Gallery , Hastings College and Fizz Digital.

Due to the Coronavirus Outbreak, we've moved forward with an online exhibition only - something treat gallery has never done. Their recent paintings, objects, prints, and GIFS explore the highs and lows of aesthetically ificant Midwestern experiences. Together, they produce work that utilizes a multitude of materials and processes to convey importance and interest in rurality, craft, and the DIY movement. Please visit Fizz Digital for detailed information.

The curators goal was to select work that not only highlighted the fun conceptual nature of Feelin' Loopy but to also find pieces that worked together as a whole for an aesthetically successful group exhibition. In the calendar year, our treatamericaproject set out with a shared goal of literally treating America. We selected one applicant per state to takeover our "treat america project" instagram handle for an entire week, during The takeover project was in the alphabetical order of the states.

Each user posted a daily image on treat gallery's " treatamericaproject " handle, which resulted in multiple exhibitions in During the exhibition, sales of each photograph will benefit the state affiliated non-profit or charity selected by the user. Two exhibitions and one art fair are currently scheduled:. Retro Future was our anniversary exhibition, celebration and party. Retro-Futurism was an optimistic vision of the future think robots, flying vehicles!

Exhibition juried by Jess Ranostaj. Personally, we like treats. Desserts are a last impression, and can be the most memorable part of a meal- they're a work of art in themselves: colorful, beautiful and baked to perfection. No one needs dessert to survive, but that doesn't stop us from looking forward to enjoying our next one. We congratulate others with sweets.

We celebrate life's accomplishments and milestones with cake. We even grieve with ice cream. What do you fancy? What gets you through? We received a grand total of pieces from amateur, emerging and established artists from 10 different countries. Each exhibited piece physically traveled through the mail. Many cards were anonymous, and some artists created a custom series for inclusion in the show. The best in show picks were chosen by our favorite explorer and kind heart, Erin Johnson. During the opening reception, we quickly exceeded our goal.

We can confirm that a postcard-sized exhibition will become a bi-annual event for treat gallery. The photographs from the opening reception are taken by Alex Krauss. The exhibition features work from artists working in administrative or technical positions in higher education. While adjunct pools expand and tenure becomes extinct, technician jobs increase for overqualified MFA-holding candidates. Out of 42 applicants, the jurors selected 10 artists whose work demonstrated great concept, precise craftsmanship and originality.

We'll see you at our next pop-up! View fullsize. Retro Future, May Tastemakers II, October Sweet Spot, July Fun Size, May

We meet and i treat

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